The Remote Working Model According to JP Martin

By Mirego

With the 2020-2021 pandemic and an extended lockdown, many businesses responded to the changing reality with new approaches for workspaces. At Mirego, we care about building the best workplace for our team and so we decided to allow them to work from anywhere they wish, whenever they want. However, we do believe that the need to provide physical spaces for the team to gather and collaborate is more relevant than ever.

Trying to understand how the lockdown affected our team member’s lives and what their perspective was for the upcoming year, we had a chat with several of them.

Flexibility has been part of Jean-Philippe Martin’s work experience ever since he joined Mirego as an iOS developer, more than six years ago. Being able to choose where and when he wants to work helped him find a better work-life balance. 

What was your work experience like before the pandemic?

I have been working at Mirego since September 2015. For the first three years, I worked from the Quebec City office, 100% of the time. Then, my girlfriend finished school and wanted to return to Rimouski, our hometown. We didn’t have kids yet, so we kept our Québec City apartment and I’d commute from Québec City to Rimouski weekly. Then, I became one of Mirego’s first full-time telecommuter, a transition which happened gradually. My team was aware I was doing my job from home, and it worked just fine. It must be said that long before the pandemic hit, the entire Mirego team was perfectly equipped for video conferencing, remote work, and remote meetings.

 How did the pandemic change your life?

 Because I had transitioned to full-time telecommuting prior to the pandemic, I had no issue the new reality, past March 2020. Except that by then, everyone else had been forced into telecommuting. Now everyone knows what it’s like working from home, or working while tending for a sick child, or when unforeseen events occur which disrupt meetings! In my case, moving back to our hometown to start my family is what drove me to adopt telecommuting as a standard way of working. I often choose to work in the evening, because I go for a run during the day, or because I have to pick up my son from daycare. At Mirego, I’m trusted. The team knows I get things done. I have the flexibility to adapt my schedule to my plans and personal life, and such freedom is worth its weight in gold. Building digital products is my passion and I can’t think of a better place to make it happen.

 What will your work schedule be like in the future?

My plan is to keep a flexible schedule and continue telecommuting full-time – so staying close to my colleagues will be a priority for me. It’s going well so far. Meetings and virtual events help gap the distance. Whether it’s through Zoom or Meet, we can plan team lunches, not necessarily to work on something but just to spend time together. There are also the Mireclubs, where we gather around common passions. I’m part of the running Mireclub. I can see how my colleagues progress in their running, and it motivates me to run more often. That’s how I’m able to socialize while working remotely. But there are also actual gatherings, happy hours, which we call 5@7, for example, for which I’ll commute to attend in person. Activities are how I like to stay in touch with people at work. 

Can you relate to JP's vision? Join us!

More than ever at Mirego, we believe in the relevance of physical spaces to help people gather, share, and collaborate. Physical workplaces are where people can build long-term relationships, beat loneliness, and contribute to the well-being of everyone else.