The Hybrid Working Model According to Audrey Thibodeau

By Mirego

With the 2020-2021 pandemic and an extended lockdown, many businesses responded to the changing reality with new approaches for workspaces. At Mirego, we care about building the best workplace for our team and so we decided to allow them to work from anywhere they wish, whenever they want. However, we do believe that the need to provide physical spaces for the team to gather and collaborate is more relevant than ever.

Trying to understand how the lockdown affected our team members' lives and what their perspective was for the upcoming year, we had a chat with several of them.

The following is what Audrey Thibodeau, Advisor in our customer experience team since 2019, shared with us.

What were your working arrangements before the pandemic?

I used to live 5 to 10 minutes away from Mirego’s Quebec City office, and I drove to work every day. Although I had all the necessary tools to do so, I almost never telecommuted. I didn’t like working alone and my apartment was small. My place just wasn’t set up for me to be productive. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere at the office, lunch time with the team, mingling with people, in person brainstorms generating fresh ideas… My colleagues literally became friends.

Also, as part of my role, I travelled across the province to meet with potential clients, so I did spend some time on the road.

How did the pandemic change your life?

As someone who disliked working from home, and not being properly set up in my three-and-a-half, I had to get used to it and just face up spending a lot more of time there! I soon came to realize how much I needed to set up a comfortable workspace at home—beyond my kitchen table or living-room couch. With my partner, we looked at our options for moving within Quebec City, but our choice finally settled on a nice big seven-and-a-half apartment in downtown Trois-Rivières. This was sort of a homecoming for us, five years after having left the Mauricie region. I can now enjoy working from home, being properly set up, with a designated room serving as my office. Even working alone, if I’m not counting the company of my ferret and three cats, having a nicely appointed office, and using tools such as Slack, Google Meet and Zoom, I can now say I feel happy and productive at home.

What will your work schedule be like in the future?

I am comfortable working from home now, but I still miss being with my teammates. I miss the energy that infuses the office, the casual conversations over coffee or lunch. So, my plan is to be at the office one or two days per week. I’m just about perfectly situated: one hour and 15 minutes from the Mirego Quebec City office, one hour and 30 minutes from the Montréal office, and only 40 minutes from the Mauricie Mirechalet. So really, I have many options on where to go depending on what I’m looking to achieve. And from my Mauricie location, it’s convenient to drive to anywhere I need to be across the province, meeting with potential clients.

I feel privileged to have been able to return to my home region without having to change jobs!

Can you relate to Audrey's vision? Join us!

More than ever at Mirego, we believe in the relevance of physical spaces to help people gather, share, and collaborate. Physical workplaces are where people can build long-term relationships, beat loneliness, and contribute to the well-being of everyone else.