The Advantages of a Flexible Schedule According to Olivier Pineau

By Mirego

With the 2020-2021 pandemic and an extended lockdown, many businesses responded to the changing reality with new approaches for workspaces. At Mirego, we care about building the best workplace for our team and so we decided to allow them to work from anywhere they wish, whenever they want. However, we do believe that the need to provide physical spaces for the team to gather and collaborate is more relevant than ever.

It’s been part of Olivier Pineau’s experience ever since he joined Mirego as lead developer in January 2017. Thanks to the flexible work schedule he’s allowed at Mirego, Olivier can build his own work schedule, better balance professional and personal activities, on top of leaving some room for spontaneity.  

How was your work experience before Mirego?

Before Mirego, I worked at a place with beige cubicles. Let’s just say there was a huge contrast when I arrived at Mirego’s offices: open spaces, no carpeting, and countless perks like free lunches. But my favorite perk remains being able to build my own work schedule based on what I plan to do. At Mirego, you can start and leave work when it suits you, aligned to the most productive times in your day. If you’re delivering results, no one will have an issue with your schedule. I’m being trusted, and I have a lot of flexibility.

How did the pandemic change your life?

At the beginning of the pandemic, some friends suggested that I join them, leaving Montréal to telework from the Charlevoix region. Since I had the freedom to work from wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I jumped at the occasion! We ended up staying there for almost two months and it was a great experience for me. After I got back home, I still managed frequent interactions with my colleagues, including during the winter, turning a room in my apartment into a bike room to take part in virtual training sessions for our Mireclub devoted to cycling.

What will your work schedule be like in the future?

I like to be in the office to meet with colleagues, using lunchtime or the end of the day to chat and learn something. At Mirego, you always get to strengthen relationships with colleagues because we have so many common interests. I intend to keep up with this hybrid work model—combining sport and social activities or balancing travel with work. At Mirego, I can confidently accept going on a trip or an afternoon outing with friends, knowing I’m able to work around it in my schedule, without impacting teammates. In fact, a small group of us launched the Montréal-Bronzé project—bronzé meaning having a tan in French. The idea is that when we’re done with this pandemic, we’ll rent a villa somewhere down south and from there. We’re already researching rental options, we’re on a mission, we’re really going to do this.

Can you relate to Olivier's vision? Join us!

More than ever at Mirego, we believe in the relevance of physical spaces to help people gather, share, and collaborate. Physical workplaces are where people can build long-term relationships, beat loneliness, and contribute to the well-being of everyone else.