Shift Happens

By Mirego

In ten years we’ve contributed to many digital breakthroughs that have given new life to industries and transformed brands in almost every field imaginable. Our team has come together to tackle some of the toughest technological brain teasers, and although we’ve run into a few speed bumps along the way, we’ve always faced every challenge head-on. Solving user experience, technology and growth challenges, for projects varying in scope and context. Sometimes we’re treated to generous budgets and flexible timeframes, and other times, budgetary constraints and tight deadlines add to the technical difficulty of the task at hand.

Regardless, these experiences have shaped us. Every day, we build technologies that support our mobile-first reality and take pride in empowering users with digital breakthrough products that are used to better our world. Our adaptability allow us to thrive in today's ever-changing environment. Adapting has become second nature to the Mirego team.

Shift Happens, and we embrace it.

With SHIFT, we look forward to sharing the Mirego team’s insightful perspective and giving you a glimpse into our everyday grind. Not only will we discuss what goes on behind closed conference room doors, but we’ll also touch upon our daily client conversations and take you right into that morning coffee break chatter. We’ll talk about what really matters; those topics that have you scratching your head all day and keep you up long into the night. Through meaningful conversations and authentic contexts, we’ll shed light on the intricately intertwined end-to-end Mirego processes. They say, “teamwork makes the dream work,” and that’s what we believe, too.

Here’s what you can expect to read about in the new Shift.


To focus on the visible at the expense of the essential is irresponsible.
Bertrand Meyer

Although the development process is invisible to most, it’s the core of what we do at Mirego. Our developers are always looking for ways to innovate as they experiment with new technologies such as Swift, JavaScript, Ruby, Elixir, Java, Clojure, etc. Read along and learn as they discuss innovation and how to craft the unthinkable with code.


It isn’t the consumers’ job to know what they want
Steve Jobs

Drawing roadmaps, setting milestones, and implementing product marketing strategies are all integral to the strategic process. Expect to read about this interesting intersection where business development, technology, user research, and design, all collide together to create breakthrough digital products.


Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.
Dieter Rams

Sure, design relates to creating beauty, delivering functionality, and shaping innovation, but above all, it’s about user experience. Our designers will open up on how they go about understanding the user journey to optimize the UX and deliver an experience that goes above expectations.


Quality is the best business plan
Pixar's John Lasseter

Product ties our cross-functional teams together. Product insights, management, UX, UI, strategy, business, and design: let our Product Owners share their insight on how they overcome daily challenges.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Peter Drucker

Culture is at the heart of our team. We strive to create a unique corporate culture, an exceptional team, and an ideal work environment, for all. A culture that inspires us, that is true to our core, and that is like no other. Plus, there are plenty of stories, anecdotes, and portraits that didn’t make it into our Culture Book and that we want to share with you!

Shift Happens all the time. Although we’re shifting into a new direction with the blog, we remain loyal to our core values and the collective mission that has been motivating us since day one:

Building the best team, the best workplace and improving the world we live in.

― The Mirego Team