4 essential qualities you need to become a digital strategist

By Mirego

From planning to flawless execution, digital strategists play an essential part in any project. They work closely with the development team at each step of a digital product’s development.

What does it take to be a good digital strategist and be part of the team? Here’s a look at four essential qualities our passionate pros behind the strategy share.

1- Curiosity

Our strategists have boundless curiosity. They’re at their best learning the subtleties of diverse business models and markets. They seek out the client’s real challenges. They never shy away from field work, walking in the user’s shoes with the end goal of making a product that will add value to users. A successful digital strategist aims at producing results rather than documents that will only gather dust.

2- Rigor

Standing at the project’s frontlines, strategists cement a trust-based relationship with clients through the power of co-creation. 

As much as they’re thrilled to be innovating, a shifting digital environment can spur an equal amount of anxiety. For a project to unfold smoothly, it is our duty to involve clients in the ideation process.

—Vincent Richer, strategist at Mirego

Our strategists do not delay getting user feedback. Through focus groups, interviews or surveys, they uncover the data they need to get a clear picture of user needs. Based on this data, a careful market and competitive landscape analysis, and a keen understanding of client objectives, strategists elaborate the product’s foundations and shape ecosystems.

3- Creativity

Yes, our strategists are (mostly) data-obsessed, but they are also fundamentally creative. 

Turning data into smart solutions requires an outstanding ability to generate ideas and develop concepts that can stand the test of different perspectives. That’s how excellent products are created.

—Rachel Boyer, Strategist at Mirego

When brainstorming for ideas is a collaborative effort, magic happens, and the best ideas emerge. Once a creative squad forms at one of our Mirechalets, gathering experts from different fields, a myriad of ideas collide and prototypes take form. Only then can truly innovative solutions come to light. Creating as a team is how our strategists transform data into exceptional user experiences.

4- Drive

While a product launch is an important milestone, success does not depend uniquely on the product’s quality. How the product is marketed and pushed through constantly evolving channels plays a key role as well. Therefore, strategists will think beyond the product itself. They will also consider how the product will reach users and how it will stand the test of time as they craft different marketing strategies, drawing from the data collected at the research phase.

Not all clients can count on an in-house team to strategize the product’s marketing. They welcome our ideas and appreciate our support throughout the process and future product iterations.

—Simon Dostie, Strategist at Mirego

In a fast-paced digital environment, not having enough drive is the same as losing ground. Fortunately, our strategists are always moving forward. They are committed to their work. They want to see their strategies come to life and their creative ideas to fruition. They put so much of themselves into the product, their enthusiasm spreads to others and we believe they can also get right to users’ hearts. 

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