A New Team to Support the Evolution of Digital Products

By Jean-Philippe Couture
Director, Support and Product Evolution

Evolution is inevitable – no matter the field. If innovators stop progressing, they are quickly forgotten or overtaken. 

Over the years, the Mirego team has developed tools and mechanisms to optimize the implementation of our partners' large-scale projects. For instance, very early in the development of a project, we introduce our partners to the agile methodology (Scrum). This methodology allows us to work in a structured, collaborative and efficient way. Recently, however, we encountered a problem: how do we plan an evolution phase of a few days or a few weeks, without compromising the other projects already in progress? For Mirego, providing our partners with excellent service is crucial. We had to find a solution and adjust our internal structure accordingly. So, we thought of creating a team dedicated to the evolution of digital products: the ÉVO team.

Measuring for better evolution

Evolving a digital product means adding, removing or improving functionalities once users have access to it. This need for evolution can come from different sources. For example, a new feature can be added following user data analysis. This data analysis is often what allows us and our partners to determine the relevant changes to make. Once changes are made, we always strive to measure their impact. This helps us ensure that the changes take us further.

Then, we work closely with the product owners to organize a product evolution. They are in direct communication with our partners and have greater knowledge of our projects. Their contribution is essential to ensure consistency between the evolution and the original vision of the product.

The ÉVO team

The ÉVO team is made up of developers and quality assurance specialists (QA) who all have an incredible ability to adapt, an acute sense of responsibility, and full autonomy. We operate in an ever-changing environment in which we must continually adapt to offer our partners exemplary service. Our team members are passionate, multidisciplinary, and fearless about leaving their comfort zone. This passion that drives us exemplifies the quality of the work we do every day.

The team's developers work with many different technologies, such as Ruby, Objective-C, Elixir or Kotlin, or else Java, JavaScript or Swift. Paradigms change and improve over time. We have to be able to adapt quickly and make the code our own.

It’s a great challenge for our quality assurance specialists to be involved in so many projects. We have to meet with the original production team to fully understand the subtleties of each project, and the history and evolution of the product over time, and make sure to document the processes so as not to miss anything. The concerted work of this passionate team is what allows us to achieve a common goal under exceptional circumstances.

Working on the ÉVO team means juggling many simultaneous requests on different projects, working with sometimes unfamiliar technologies, and occasionally communicating with people who are located in different time zones. We have to prioritize our work to maintain an excellent level of service for our partners.

Avoiding the status quo

The ÉVO team also ensures that the quality of the code is consistent through successive iterations. To support technical sustainability, we document each new update. In addition, writing and maintaining test plans helps us validate the quality of our work and is an integral part of the project's legacy for those who will work on it in the future.

Since its creation a few months ago, the ÉVO team has already had a positive impact on our partners’ lives. We have helped them grow their digital products and remain competitive in a booming industry. We aim to sustain this momentum and build a better world, one digital product at a time. 

Want to join the ÉVO Team?