Proactivity, Teamwork and Creativity: QA Testing Done Right

At Mirego, QAs don’t just find bugs; they work to create the best products possible. They optimize processes, suggest product improvements, share thoughts on design/UX implementations, and much more. It’s not so much a job, as it is an overall mindset. My job description could be summarized by the following question: “What can I do to improve our products’ quality?” And, Mirego provides the perfect environment for QAs to come up with creative solutions that get me closer to my end goal. While some companies tally bugs to measure QA performance, Mirego focuses on finding the least bugs possible and obliterating any recurring ones. We adopt a preemptive approach by encouraging open communication and end-to-end collaboration between the Development teams and the Quality Assurance team.

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By Jean-Michel Vincent
QA Specialist